Total Acres

(5 Houston Downtowns)


Areas of Greenspace

Including parks & trails,
more than Central Park in NYC


Expected Population

Larger than Rosenberg, TX



In a wide variety of
styles & architecture

Austin Point signature

A series of mixed-use districts will be integrated by a symphony of diverse architecture, experiences, multi-use spaces and over 1,000 acres of nature and wide-open greenspaces.

It’s within these distinct districts that Austin Point will offer a variety of housing styles and sizes – all on the same street – creating dynamic neighborhoods like some of the most beloved towns in America.


Welcome to a place where shopping, urban living, quiet strolls, and backyard barbecues coexist in a lively town setting.



From neighborhood flow, to access to nature, to retail and social spaces that are surrounded by life, your sense of well-being is our design inspiration.



Part entertainment, part business, part cultural hub – all eclectic energy. Austin Point will become an urban hub of culture, diversity, inspiration, and learning.



Technology, engineering, life sciences and healthcare. These are the industries that will determine Texas’ and the world’s future. Austin Point will become the bustling hub where tomorrow is made today.


The 1824

Feel the heartbeat of Austin Point as you gather, eat, talk, create, discover and play at this reimagined village square. Here, live music, sweet treats and new friends can fill an afternoon.

“The 1824 will reflect the original vision: a place to gather, connect, and discover the heart of Austin Point.”

Todd Hamilton

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